AMNESTY INTRNATIONAL ITALY “VoiceforFreedom”Music Award 2017:Winning Jah

Winning Jah’s popular song Deep Sea has positively gained total votes of 22 thousand,8 hundred and 50 on Youtube, 4,500 total votes on Official Amnesty voting page on Facebook votes not specified or not disclosed on Amnesty International Italy voting site. Winner will be officially announced after 19th of April 2017.
Winning Jah spoke with his management on a meeting held today at Torino in Italy,about his expectations “My name is Winning Jah, no other winnings will erase my name or upgrade it, my song been nominated is a step ahead of my good work and message to the general public, to me is an awareness also my passion,duty for human rights responsibilities that i have chosen, my messages means a lot not the award” Jah refered to recent happenings on medias with Immigrants from Libya.


NaXis DG
International Multiple Award Winner “Enorecords/VPal Music”

Enaruna popularly known by his stage name NaXis DG, is recently on tour in Italy, awaiting the release of the evergreen single “Esè”. The Adesuwa crooner will be dropping his 2017 debut album to sactisfy his fans abundantly, “money no be problem, was his slogan of the day”.

NaXis DG A.K.A NaXis De GeneXis Set To release a hit Single “Esè”


The Nigerian  international multilple award Winner  Enaruna, Popularly known by his artistic name NaXIS DG, set to release his thanks giving hit single, titled “Esè” a song that has much   to do with breakthrough, Success and Victory, as the Pop star rises from the Grave yard. Coming out soonest , sit back and watch the Official trailer of “Esè” by NaXis DG . Continue reading NaXis DG A.K.A NaXis De GeneXis Set To release a hit Single “Esè”

Rude Boy by Winning Jah

“Rude boy” is the new hit Ska reggae delivered by the Nigerian reggae Superstar,Winning Jah. (AMAZON – SHOP)
for sometime in Nigeria, reggae has been mixed with Afro pop music, (if not panadol, it can’t be Panadol) said the active Reggae hit star Winning Jah.
The single will be released 20th January by Vpal music records, parent label to Vp Records. available on all digital platforms.

News -Bose OSèyòmo

Berlin: Terrorist attack

Kingsley Eno Osagie globally known by his artist name Winning Jah, promised dropping another single, Titled “Rude Boy” the fast rising Reggae musician, has done perfectly well 2016 in delivering evergreen messages.
After the Reggae Super star withnessed the frequent alert of terrorist attack globally, as it happened in Nigeria, Berlin , Germany, France and many other countries etc, he decided to send a message with his upcoming single, appealing to the youths to stop violence and terrorism for they might unknowingly kill their parents during public attack, a social and evergreen message. Watch the trailer on youtube.News source


Anis Amri

Continue reading Berlin: Terrorist attack

Album Release

Am glad to announce to Ofive.TV, ReggaeVille, Afronews Germany , to be the first Reggae Artist fighting Discrimination without Exclusion or Excluding sexual disability or Lifestyle” No Rasta man ever defended Gay, Lesbian, Trans, Bisex, in this track called ” Coat of Many Colours” i sang about accepting disables in our community, Colours of skins, and all sexual Opinion, never in the history of Reggae, this is why Winning is making Difference, Rasta hate discrimination, so we choose 1NITY, and accept all people

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Winning Jah,TTY NONI, in the street

Every year, group of  Amc1d  volunteers attacks the street of Turin,Milan,Rome  in Italy, Dublin and Africa, to deliver essential needs to homeless persons, the CEO of AMC1D Projects International, Winning Jah and his co -artists participated by sharing and showing unconditional love to the needy, the Eu multiple award wining EU Afro pop artist “TTy Noni and others collaborated in sharing food items,clothes and others.recently  EU performing artists, TTy noni, NaXis DG, Winning Jah, and other 40 musicians from the globe, teamed up to ship a container of  Christmas items to the Children in Ghana, Nigeria and Republic of Benin, for the first time in the villages the Children could wear new clothes  and celebrate Christmas like every other family.. video ref below..


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