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GroupEmababa Reggae Group –  Early 1980’s

Solo artist: Winning Jah previously go by  this stage names, EnoRasta, RastaPrine, Raseno, Djembe & Kids,before he finally choosed the stage name Winning Jah, which he claimed was a Jah calling after he migrated from  grass to grace (Solo artist) – late 80’s – 2000’s


Kingsley Eno Osagie popularly known by his stage name Winning Jah, is a Nigerian veteran Reggae musician, prolific songwriter,producer,multiple instrumentalist, record label CEO, human right activist and a Philanthropist. He was among the first Children’s reggae group, called “Emababa Reggae Group” to win   “John player Gold leaf Awards”, for best reggae new acts 1989, the children’s reggae group was known for covering Bob Marley’s songs and later brought them  national fame in  Bendel State, now called Edo state (Nigeria),  he was the lead vocalist, they consecutively performed in major social events, the group disbanded as parents diverted to various locations, he is mostly known for his songs like “Big Man”(2) released in the 90’s, to be banned for political  unfriendly lyrics (3), his songs like”Deep Sea”  peaked #3(4) on Amnesty International  arms youtube channels  music chart(5) for a week, “To Whom It May Concern feat. Naxis Dg” peaked #1 on Reverbnation main Italian reggae chart for weeks,(s) “Homeless World”  peaked #1 on Reverbnation  main Italian reggae chart(s)  for months, this  hit  tracks  were also part of his album “Nouveau Business” released in year 2016(s)  by VP Records arms VPAL,. Rude Boy” was another single released as audio and video by VP Records arms VPAL,in 2017, to  hit numerous deejay mixtapes internationally, with  high record sales world wide.  His song “Trust” received positive reviews from various professional music critics, repeatedly aired  on canadian  radio stations to massive audience, like on “CJM Radio” and disc  jockey mixtapes , it was also positively received  by an iconic Nigeria most respected Disc jockey like “Dj Oscar  b”(5)

Biography/Education/Sport/Organization :

Born in Kano State, northern part of Nigeria, by Mr Bright .U.Osagie and Mrs Stella Osagie, he is the fifth child of ten siblings, six brothers and four sisters. His biological father was a managing director (MD) at New Nigeria bank Plc, while his mother was a singer, professional fashion designer , traditional ruler, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur and  an official representative  of  Singer Corporation,  she was known for early knitting of  cardigan  for Government schools like “Edo College, Idia College, Benin Technical School, Egba Grammar  School” alongside designed for Guiness Plc etc. The company was stationed in Benin city  as “Stella Best Knitters company Ltd”. He was raised in Benin City -Edo State, where he furthered his education, firstly  attended Edaiken Primary school, later got admission to Eweka Grammar School, he became member of the music and press  club,  he represented the school for national events, music, drama,comedy , mainly as a singer and  a percussionist,  alongside co students like “Amenaghawon Adesotu”, “Aghatise Osarobo”, he was once  president of Man’o’ war, (s)”Danfodio Unit”, a paramilitary organization in Nigeria, he represented Edo state  National sport council on “Taekwondo” to win a Gold, and one bronze medal  to his name  at  Borno national camp 1991 (Featherweight) .While in school, he contexted   in current affairs quiz, to win “Best student of the year“, he also represented an annual scholar programme “Father or Mother” which is more relevant? an  interschool debate, sponsored by Ministry of Education (Bendel state), headlined  (Kingsley Eno Osagie (Eweka grammar School) to  defend Father, vs Clancy Omokaro (St Maria Goretti college) defending Mother, to win and benefitted a scholarship prize, for free education.  He proceeded to Immaculate conception college  under the scholarship grant, finally progressed  to  University of Benin (U.N.I.B.E.N) and  studied Business administration.(6)

Early life:

He started music at the  age of six, as a member of   national children’s music group, called  “Emababa Reggae Group”,  innovated by his mother , he lead the group as a vocalist to perform at schools, national event, Birthday events, churches, etc. the group turned superstardom  for covering Bob Marley’s songs. The group  performed with percussions  and recycled materials , mostly privileged   showcasing on theatre centres main stage, like the international  Ebohon theatre centre  , the Edo State’s King’s Palace of “King Erediauwa”  to fuel national recognition of the group,  his hard work performances  and social integrity fueled  various award  winning, catapulted him  into stardom. His successful  music life from youth , were  firstly credited to his parents encouragements, moral and economical support . His early fame was  based on comedy, music talent and sport,  his multiple recognitions,  inspired  established merchants and private companies to endorse him by  using his image portraits  to advertise commercial product’s flyers ,   like “Cabin biscuit“, “Stella pomade“,   leading  to other important honors as  best  traditional  “òsaIkpema nèla” meaning (no flames without fire,  (òsa) mean’s (gorilla) “defining  his percussion beats with Gorillas chest beat” (an incredible  percussionist) honoree received  from the ” 39th Oba of Benin City, Edo State (Nigeria). After winning  the notable “John Player  Gold leaf music award” for new reggae acts in the 80’s. The  “Emababa reggae group’s”  fame was mostly credited to Winning Jah.

He was also the innovator of  his  sub reggae genre, called “Emababa  beat”   Emababa means “Toyish”  in Benin language,  a reggae genre spiced with traditional music notes, mostly used amongst  musicians from  Benin City- Edo State (Nigeria).He was inspired by Fela Kuti, Alpha Blondy, Osayomore Joseph, Baba Sissoko,Sir Victor Uwaifo,High Priest Osemwengie Ebohon, Peter Tosh, Ebo Taylors, Culture, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear and Bob Marley.


In 2008, month of November, he was arrested by the Italian Government to be sentenced for three years imprisonment, alleged for accommodating illegal immigrants,his explanations before the Judges or reasons was based on humanitarian services but unluckily his reasons was unachievable and unacceptable .

Music Career: 

In the early 90’s, he  professionally  released his  studio debut album “Big Man”(s1) featuring tracks like;


A1 Big Man 4:03
A2 Stupid Government 5:00
B3 Lawless Prince 2:59
B4 Corruption 3:00


The album was in a vinyl format  with a successful sale  of 650,000  units in Benin city Enugu and Lagos state, by street hawkers and private music merchants, the album appeared  massively on various deejay disco compilations,  and aired on  national radio stations, to be banned by a  District police officer (DPO) “Okhoro Police Station” from the Nigerian Police Force, subsequently convocated  his reasons of immediate ban, as regards to political unfriendly lyrics.(s1(s2). The tragic weighed him down to vacate  entertainment scene temporarily , to bounce back in 2013-2014 with a new identity , this time with the stage name “RaPrince” later  “Raseno” the efforts ended fiasco and he returned to his earlier act name “Winning Jah” which eventually beared  him fruits worldwide.

In 2015 he collaborated with UNICEF  and  UN to fight corruption  against fake International nonprofit   associations working in Africa. During the campaign , he wrote and published a song,  to turn anthem, titled “To Whom It May Concern ,  the video was subtitled in three languages “English” “French” and “Italian” , while  copies deposited  at  National Library of Turin  (Italy)  , the album was positively reviewed by students  and renowned music critics .  “To whom It May Concern” peaked on #1 at Italy  Reverbnation   national reggae chart  (The Italy Charts Change Location ) on the 10/02/2010 (s)


Entrepreneurship ;

He is the Ceo of an indie record label named Enorecords Snc.   , an established brand, known for artist scouting, record label, management, and music distributions with VP Records arms VPAL. He went into Agriculture deals, recently the director and founder  of  EnoGoAgric farms situated in Uhuonde local Govt area in Benin city, the food initiative has given job opportunities  to over 95 persons in the Ohuan village, alongside a guest house  with over 150 apartments  to support tourism in the local Government area.

In 2016 , he signed  artists like Austin Peter to his record label “Enorecords”popularly known as King Wadada , Kora Award winner for best Africa Reggae 2010. previously signed and produced,  Ebere Chi,  to turn a complete sold out artist for three decades after releasing a national hit  song “Amour Impossibile” , most critically acclaimed  in Nigeria and Benin Republic,  “the Amour impossible crooner” , was nominated to open Nigerian Independence day, (October 1st) by Nigerian authorities, the song fueled serial tour internationally. also Carol Jiani , popular for her early  “hit n run”,  to chart on Billboard, also first Nigerian female singer,to arrive Billboard chart(source). Enorecords snc, was first established by his parents before he took over the indie label.


In late 2016, he condemned the famous act of injustice, religious crisis ,uncompromising muslim fundamentalist due to frequent terrorist attack, economic Churches in Nigeria and founded his religion “WinningJahrian” with over 700 practicing members, which initially adopted his philosophy and belief, with a consecutive growth daily, he converted from Rastafarian  belief  finally  and created a sub rastafari religion “WinningJahrian” .  In 2017, he converted   over 1000 persons .(7)

In 2018, he educated Nigerian and International mainstream recording artists on royalty  programs, and the essentials of ISRC, for audio recordings, he educated artistes like 2face Idibia, Wande Coal, Majek Fashek, Daddy Fresh, Eedris Abdulkareem, Brymo, Mamani Keita and others. after discovering the incapability of their royalty recoveries (source).

Winning Jah took to Government officials,  like in European Parliament and most Government in Africa , speaking on  relevancy to legalize  marijuana, his points of defence were based on  religious and therapy  use.(8) Due to his concern on global social illness, visible in most of his  recorded  song lyrics , he was honored as the recent  “Nigeria King of Reggae”(9) (10)

In 2018, he was  honored by Obaland academy, to receive Obaland Royal Awards- Honorees 2018. for Best Edo state/Diaspora Philanthropist, Best africa reggae artiste .  alongside 40 artistes, (News-) ((News)



He is the founder of Amc1d Aiutabambini Onlus, AMC1D PROJECTS INTERNATIONAL ONLUS,a  global non profit organisation  in Italy and Africa. 

In 2001, he worked with blessed memory  Andrea Don Gallo,  of Genova (Italy), were he worked and managed kitchens, as a  chef in “Casa masoero” , his relationship with the institutions became noted after three years. During holidays, he toured countries, states and streets, visiting  hospitals to support sick persons with music therapy (source Italy) (Source Dublin Ireland) during his trips, he quickly requested a licence to perform in famous tourist centers  like “Milan Duomo“, “Acquario di Genova“, “Alba “Fiera di tartufo“,  “Arena of Verona“, Firenze” etc,  were millions of tourists visit’s annually. His  Djembe  street exhibition earnings, enabled him   established an alimentary  mini maket shop, named  “Afro Food Esotic market”  located in one of best  ancient streets of Pinerolo, “Via Silvio Pellico 30” in Pinerolo  city (Italy), the shop was first of its kind, being  the first  black rastaman to introduce esotic African food market to the city, his innovation fueled curiosity and successfully generated  incomes to be  used in  constructing new schools and renovating old schools in Africa, like in  Mali, Nigeria, Cotonou (Republic of Benin) and Tema- Ghana .

He has promoted and donated thousands of free urine sacs for paralysed patients, like orthopedic kits, important sanitary machines, to various hospitals, churches, private clinics and   ( PWD) institutions  in  Republic of Mali, Republic of Benin, Federal Republic of Nigeria and many others. In early 2000, statiscally  over  35,000 men and women  in Nigeria only,  has received  micro finance support, to empower  local traders or boosting old ones, as they attended his  skill acquisition workshop of “Know how” . Over 3 thousand homeless  families, victims of social illness  from Europe and west Africa documented, received  rented apartments and  facilities to start up small scale business from Winning Jah, as a professional Djembe teacher, he has established   over 150 free workshops for women and children as a second job opportunity, by  empowering young  willing people to buy musical or fabricated instruments after discovering  creativity in them.

In 2008, he registered a global Non governmental organization “Amc1d Projects International Onlus” after several years of running beneficiary programs,   going by the acronym of (A.M.C.1.D) “Association of Music and Culture 1 Dread” registered with the ministry of Finance in Italy. to become an umbrella body  of over 100 local Ngo’s globally. In 2014. thousands of volunteers  with majority of musicians, Doctors, entrepreneurs, Lawyers and other professional workers.


  1. A physically  blind person could lead Africa without mistakes but a technically, spiritually and intellectually blind man, powered by egocentrism  attitude  could turn Africa, a  drowning  continent .



  • Big Man (1990) [Debut Album]
  • Nouveau Business (2016)
  • Africa Inside Me (2017)
  • Message (2018)


  • Djembejazz (2014)
  • To Whom It May Concern (2015)
  • C KRIT(2016)
  • Now I KNOW (Made In Africa version feat. Stephen Marley (2017))
  • Rude Boy (2017)
  • Chibok School Girls kidnapping (2017)
  • EndTime (2018)       ~ Paola Dondona (Editor)
  • Woman’s Errand – Maja Spencer & Winning Jah


Winning jah has  performed  international and national festivals, touring with his live band, where  listing roasters with  co renowned artists like, “Jahcoustix” “RAPHAEL”, (S)  Luciano Messenjah,  Ky Mani Marley (s) “Baba Sissoko” (S) and many other mainstreams  showcased alongside on main stages and also featured some in studio recordings. In 2008, he opened stage for blessed memory, African music icon ” Miriam Makeba”, below  is a short list of few artists he has worked  with and collaborated with in the passed;