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Enorecords Snc is the Nigeria first Independent Reggae label, founded in early 60’s by Mrs Stella Osagie, the record label had management struggles in the 80’s and finally closed down due to Company’s management, in the year 2003, Winning Jah also known as Kingsley Eno Osagie “Reggae Musician”, the son of the founder, officially launched the Italy branch and registered it as Enorecords Snc,he presently took over the record label for proper managent as he became the CEO,as the Label now operates globaly, and became Enorecords Snc record label situated in Italy, with branches in Republic of Benin, Abidjan and Nigeria and Italy in partnership with Major notable labels, it all started as a scouting artists Agency in italy.
in the year 2014, it became the biggest leading Reggae music industry in Nigeria, managing various artists from Nigeria and beyond for artists managements,etc.


Founder Enorecords
Founder Enorecords

The EnoRecords Snc label was initially founded in 60’s by Priestess Stella Eno Osagie, who owned the holly cross Records store at Udeni Village, Nigeria, as well as the Udeni cultural music recording studios. In the mid-1969, the Priestess relocated to Benin City, setting up a record store in medical store road called Enorecords. in 1973, from which they sold and distributed traditional records. In 1975, they relocated the store to, Ugha village, In 1990, the record label was noted after the success of the retail store. The label is a product of the family in the founders’ surname.
Enorecord label established itself as one of the first and largest Independent record label for reggae and dancehall in Nigeria, with the popularity of the riddim sound of the early Nyabinghi beats, the label achieved national success for artists such as Rasta Romanus obila, Sunny medical, etc through the label’s national distributions of over 50,000 45 vinyl and audio cassettes in market places monthly, using the car gingle local method.

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