Artist Profile Ebere Chi


Mercy Eberechi Uwaka
Ebere Chi's is a veteran Nigerian female singer popularly known for her hit songs "Amour Impossible" and "United we Stand" this tracks were nominated by Nigerian authorities in Republic of Benin "Federal Republic of Nigeria as the independence day music opening ceremony.In 2013, She signed a record deal to Enorecords snc.

Eberechi with the full name Mercy Eberechi Uwaka was born into the family of 8 father, mother, 3sisters +herself and 2brothers. Eberechi whom is the 5 child in her family was born on 12 june 1991 in chidinma hospital Aba, Abia state Nigeria.Eberechi was brought up by her elder sister and her husband in Benin republic Cotonou.Eberechi was born in assemblies of God church Obuohia Aba, Abia state, Nigeria.she was a member of the children's choir in Assemblies of God church Jericho Cotonou/ Benin republic.Eberechi started composing songs at the age of 12 ,there her dreams of becoming a star. professionally her career fully started year 2009 with the group called Da Quinnz.This group was formed by Mercy Eberechi Uwaka and.Chidinma Regina Odeh,they released their first album in 2010 and launched it fully on 2 october 2011. This gospel group made a great success in Benin and Nigeria and lasted for 2 years until Mercy found out that there was more to give in music than what her group was given,so out of misunderstanding their group seperated. Mercy is now on solo with the music name EBERE CHI while Chidinma is also on solo with the music name "REGINA".Eberechi who has so much love for the music world is making a great success in Benin republic and outside, and intend to take Ngerian, Benin, African and the world music to another level.She will always say, I'm proud to be a Nigeria, I'm proud to be Igbo and i'm proud to be African


1 Kele 4:18
2 Amour Impossibile 3:59
3 Moov 2:12
4 Maniere 3:50
5 United We Stand 4:50
6 Kele(Bonus Track)

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(Biography compiled by Francois Traore)