Africa Inside Me, is Nigeria’s top reggae album 2017-Winning Jah

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[Winning Jah – Trust (1:41:34]

Africa Inside me happened to be 4th studio album of Winning Jah, released on the 24th november 2017 with notable tracks like Now i Know (Made in Africa) featuring Stephen Marley, “Trust” resulted to be seventh on the track list of the album, already on Dj’s mixtapes in Canada, Jamaica and beyond, subsequently gained massive air plays on radio stations like CJMP 90.1FM radio, Capital1 xtra,why the track “Africa Time” was aired on radio Hot 97 repeatedly played for weeks, alongside with a positive review,while Dj Enuff aka Big spanish of Hot 97 qualified the album as nothing but fire, ironically means 100 percent good . As of December 4th 2017, the Africa Inside Me album by Winning Jah was rated most played Nigeria root reggae album internationally of the year compared to other reggae albums released in Nigeria.

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