AMNESTY INTRNATIONAL ITALY “VoiceforFreedom”Music Award 2017:Winning Jah

Winning Jah’s popular song Deep Sea has positively gained total votes of 22 thousand,8 hundred and 50 on Youtube, 4,500 total votes on Official Amnesty voting page on Facebook votes not specified or not disclosed on Amnesty International Italy voting site. Winner will be officially announced after 19th of April 2017.
Winning Jah spoke with his management on a meeting held today at Torino in Italy,about his expectations “My name is Winning Jah, no other winnings will erase my name or upgrade it, my song been nominated is a step ahead of my good work and message to the general public, to me is an awareness also my passion,duty for human rights responsibilities that i have chosen, my messages means a lot not the award” Jah refered to recent happenings on medias with Immigrants from Libya.

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