Winning Jah,TTY NONI, in the street

Every year, group of  Amc1d  volunteers attacks the street of Turin,Milan,Rome  in Italy, Dublin and Africa, to deliver essential needs to homeless persons, the CEO of AMC1D Projects International, Winning Jah and his co -artists participated by sharing and showing unconditional love to the needy, the Eu multiple award wining EU Afro pop artist “TTy Noni and others collaborated in sharing food items,clothes and others.recently  EU performing artists, TTy noni, NaXis DG, Winning Jah, and other 40 musicians from the globe, teamed up to ship a container of  Christmas items to the Children in Ghana, Nigeria and Republic of Benin, for the first time in the villages the Children could wear new clothes  and celebrate Christmas like every other family.. video ref below..


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